Our committees

The Big Sky Board is responsible for the long-term and strategic management of the business, execution of strategy and effective risk management.

The Big Sky Executive Committee assists the Board in fulfilling its responsibilities, acting as an advisor to the Board on management affairs. Key responsibilities include review of Big Sky’s performance, its strategic and operational opportunities and long-term business plan.

The Big Sky Audit, Risk & Compliance Committee assists the Board with maintaining independence in ensuring and overseeing the external financial audit and reporting process, internal control, risk management and compliance of internal policies/procedures, and with laws and regulations.

The Allocation Committee governs how investment opportunities are to be allocated when there are two or more funds or separately managed accounts (“SMA”) with overlapping mandates and a shared interest in the investment opportunity.

To manage any conflicts of interest between funds and SMAs managed by Big Sky, we have established conflicts management procedures as well as an investment allocation protocol to ensure fair and transparent distribution of deal flow between competing fund and client portfolios when applicable. However, Big Sky’s intention is to avoid such conflicts altogether by ensuring clearly demarcated investment universes where investment mandates do not overlap.