Big Sky at a glance

We leverage our deep understanding of US healthcare delivery to source the best quality assets in the sector.

From medical outpatient buildings and clinics to ambulatory centers and specialty hospitals, we acquire and assemble diverse portfolios which deliver consistently strong returns for our investors.

About us
$ 1.1 billion AUM
43 Assets
17 States
3.1 million sq ft of real estate

More than that

More than an Investment Management Firm.
We’re a Relationship Firm.

It’s our long-standing relationships within each investment sector which allow us to source high quality, off-market deals – and make us the preferred asset buyer in the US for NNN properties.

With more than two decades experience, we use our contacts and expertise to capitalize on recent trends. Combining a multi-tiered underwriting process with our operational expertise, we consistently identify value opportunities while mitigating downside risk.

Big Sky also offers an unrivaled asset management platform for owners and investors – and commits significant capital alongside you for full alignment of interests.

Our principles

  1. Value People & Relationships
    This one’s first for a reason.
  2. Constantly Improve
    At Big Sky, there’s no such thing as standing still. The sky’s the limit – which is where we got our name!
  3. Understand Every Tenant’s Business as well as they do
    Let’s be honest, it’s hard to serve them if you don’t.
  4. Do the Right Thing, Period.
    Just ask anyone from our team how we do this!